Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Forgive me dedicated blogger it has been months since my last confession.........
So, I think I left off with Cedar Point-a blast, a total blast.
Next topic was what passes for my sorry love life, probably more appropriately called my dating life.
I almost dated this summer, the same guy for a small amount of time. Like all the others he began to get on my last nerve and the sex was sorry and in the end it really was not worth my time. But, for the small amount of time I did see him I had fun. He was good for me, got me out of my comfort zone, got me to ride all of the rides at Cedar point-during which I discovered that I LOVE the Maxair. Got me out of the house, too bad it was not meant to be.
I also wanted to touch on my change in job. I had reservations about moving to my current store. It is small store and to be honest I never heard anything good about it. But, I took a chance and I have to say I am happier than I have been since I first started. The staff is small but close and the store manager is easy going and laid back. Even the customers are nicer than my old store-who would have thought.
I also bought and moved into my new house-so much change in such a short time. I, of course, need to go into more detail, but will do that later.
I am in a shitty mood tonight-tired, stressed feeling guilty and generally blue. More later.
~~~~Where ever you go, There you are!